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Thank you for your interest in the Pastors and Couples Cruise November 11-16, 2024! We would be glad to help you through this process by following the steps below:


STEP ONE: Click here to submit info to receive your personalized quote.


STEP TWO: Once you have received your personalized quote and are ready to book, click here to pay your $25 deposit to Parkside Baptist Church. When selecting the fund on the event list, please select “Couples Retreat Registration.” Do not pay this deposit until you are ready to book.


STEP THREE: Once the $25 deposit has been made to Parkside Baptist Church, we will be notified via email and will contact you to process your $200 non-refundable deposit to Royal Caribbean. Please understand that this fee cannot be paid to Parkside Baptist Church: it has to be paid to the cruise line directly. Once this deposit has been made, be on the lookout in your email for more helpful info on port parking, shore excursions, what to bring/wear, etc.!


STEP FOUR: You will have until August 13, 2024 to pay the balance of your cruise. Again, these payments cannot go through Parkside Baptist Church: you will be given additional info as to how to make additional payments.

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