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Session Outlines

Assuming the Pastorate of a Small Church – Dr. Gary Winters

Balancing a Full-Time Job with Ministry – Jared Wells

Building a Growing Bus Ministry – Joshua Wells

Building a Soul Winning Program – Matt Miller

Building a Strong Foundation – Dr. Mike Wells

Captain / Rider Relationships – Jeff Walters

Dealing with People and Their Problems – Kevin Craig

Developing a Well-Rounded Youth Department – Jonathan Wells

Expanding Your Music Program – Dr. Kacy Palmore

Flaws that are Fatal for Leaders – Dr. Mike Wells

Growing and Grooming Sunday School Teachers – Dr. Mike Wells

Growing People Through Discipleship – Mark Butler

Having a Valentine Banquet – Joseph Wesolowski

Helping Your Leaders Reach Their Potential – Dr. Mike Wells

Holding Up the Hands of the Man of God – Dr. Kacy Palmore

How to Appreciate Delegation – Dr. Mike Wells

How to Avoid Hurting Other Leaders – Dr. Mike Wells

How to Build Your Missions Giving – Dr. Mike Wells

How to Develop Your Future Music Department – Dr. Mike Wells

How to Have a Sunday School Campaign – Dr. Mike Wells

How to Keep Your Homeschool Family In Church – Matthew Hon

How to Keep Going When You Are Weary – Dr. Mike Wells

How to Live with a Busy Husband – Sylvia Wells

How to Not Lose Your Children – Dr. Mike Wells

How to Organize a Small Church – Dr. Mike Wells

How to Overcome Plateauing Times in the Church – Dr. Mike Wells

How to Reach Families – Dr. Mike Wells

How to Retain People – Dr. Mike Wells

How to Start a Homeless Ministry – Mark Butler

How to Start and Run a Discipleship Program – Mark Butler

How to Stay Close as Pastor and Wife – Dr. Mike Wells

How to Stay Positive – Dr. Ray Young

How to Structure Your Altar Workers - Kevin Craig

How to Survive a Church Split – Dr. Mike Wells

Ideas for Church Growth, Part 1 – Dr. Mike Wells

Ideas for Church Growth, Part 2 – Dr. Mike Wells

Ideas for Church Growth, Part 3 – Dr. Mike Wells

Is Your Church a Soft Target? – Dr. Jack Bachman

Keeping a Good Spirit in Hard Times – Susan Hon

Keeping a Ministry Heart with a Busy Job – Dr. Jack Bachman

Maximizing Your Time and Workload – Dr. Jack Bachman

Meeting the Needs of Senior Members – Kevin Craig

Ministry Philosophies – Reaching Families – Dr. Mike Wells

Missed Guide Posts – Dr. John Hamblin

Never Break Stride – Dr. Mike Wells

Organizational Skills to Maximize Your Efficiency – Dr. Jack Bachman

Organizing a Soul Winning Program – Mark Butler

Organizing a Sunday School for Growth – Dr. Mike Wells

Organizing and Growing an Adult Choir – Dr. Kacy Palmore

Personal Accountability – Dr. Mike Wells

Preparing for a Christmas Musical – Dr. Kacy Palmore

Reaching the Inner City – Dr. Mike Wells

Satan's Plan for Church Finances – Sam Carns

Seizing the Opportunity – Dr. Mike Wells

Serving the Pastor by Serving the People – Dr. Kacy Palmore

Soul Winning and Outreach Ministries – Dr. Jack Bachman

The Importance of Having a Big Day – Dr. Ray Young

Training Young Girls to Serve God – Debbie Wells

Training Young Children to Serve the Lord – Hannah Bell

Violent Incident Instructions – Dr. Jack Bachman

What to Do When You're Overwhelmed – Kevin Craig

Lessons From 2023

Lessons about being a Sunday School Teacher - Dr. Mike Wells (Folder)

Selecting and Training Good Leaders - Dr. Mike Wells

Starting a Bus Ministry - Joshua Wells

Helping Your Teen Through Troubled Times - J. Wesolowski

The Special Music Program - Dr. Kacy Palmore

A Wounded Spirit (Ladies) - Maggie Butler (no outline on file)

Preparing for Your Latter Days and Death - Dr. Jack Bachman

How to Reach Children with the Gospel - Marco Turriza (no outline on file)

The Importance of Pastoral Counseling - Danny Dodson

Investing in the Personal Life of Individuals - Shane Ogdie

Supporting Your Pastor (Ladies) - Rebecca Edokpayi

Reaching Families - Dr. Mike Wells

Starting and Growing an Orchestra - Terry Schipplein

Reaching People at Fairs and Carnivals - John Gardner

Keeping the Buses Running Mechanically - Anthony Jones

Raising Kids to Love the Lord (Ladies) - Hannah Bell

Improving Your Service - Todd Lasseter

Marching with Shields of Brass - Sam Carns

Soul Winning on the Mission Field - John Pallivathukal

Prerequisites to Planting a New Church - Gary Winters (no outline on file)

Loving Your Pastor's Wife (Ladies) - Donna Cavanaugh

Starting/Maintaining a Day Care Ministry - Bill Reeves

Standing Before Envy - Jeff Walters (no outline on file)

Persistence - Eric Pittman

From Lost Catholic to Baptist Preacher's Wife (Ladies) - Laura Carns (no outline on file)

Determine to Delegate - Dr. Mike Wells

Growing Your Children's Ministry - Joshua Wells

How to Respond When Someone Leaves - Kevin Craig

Organizing a Church Sponsored Mission Trip - Denton Bell

Common Mistakes Made by Leader's Wives (Ladies) - Sylvia Wells

Active Shooter Situations - Jack Bachman

Lessons From 2024

Practical Insights From 40+ Years of Ministry - Dr. Mike Wells

Finding Prospects for Your Bus - Joshua Wells

Soul Winning Zeal for Ladies - Heather Pallivathukal

Guarding the Heart of Your Church Music Program - Dr. Kacy Palmore 

When Planned Results Go Wrong - Joseph Wesolowski

Counseling Troubled Marriages - Jack Bachman

Building Your Janitorial Program with Laypeople - Kevin Craig

Staying Content When Plans Change (Ladies) - Rebecca Edokpayi

Fruit that Remains - Shane Ogdie

What I learned From My Experiences - Danny Dodson

Coming Better Soul Winners - Dr. Mike Wells

Starting and Maintaining a Church Orchestra - Terry Schipplein

Using Our life as a testimony for the Lord (Ladies) - Hannah Bell

Overcoming Bus Maintenance Challenges - Anthony Jones

Simplifying Church Media - Will Reeves 

Maintaining a Balanced Christian Life - Todd Lasseter

Starting Small With a Big Vision - Sam Carns 

It's the Little Things - Donna Cavanaugh

The Importance of the Planting a Church - Gary Winters 

The Church and Missionary Partnership - John Matthew Pallivathukal

People Managment Skills - Dr. Jack Bachman

Serving Your Pastor by Serving the People - Kacy Palmore 

Positively Making a Difference (Ladies) - Sylvia Wells

Transitioning From One Church Staff to Another - Will Reeves

Serving the Lord Bivocationally - Brian Wells

The Importance of Church-wide Soul Winning - Dr. Mike Wells

Building a Senior Adult Sunday School Class - Kevin Craig

Throwing a Lifeline to the Bus Kids (Ladies) - Kayleigh Reeves

Finding Cheap Flights for Ministry/Missions Trips - Denton Bell

Conducting a Successful Vacation Bible School - Joshua Wells

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